Monday, 28 June 2010

BBs at Art Camp

Here is Paul Harper. The BB's have worked with Paul and Alias before, benefiting from contact with artists from different disciplines and outlooks.
On Saturday we were indeed lucky to have both Amy Houghton, who was until recently a BB and whose website is linked in our 'websites we follow' section, and Caroline Morris - see more about Caroline and her research by clicking on magpieseven
 Here are Amy and Paul in dialogue..

Our activity at Camp 0, which focussed on various ecological activites, was called 'shelter' and involved making do and mending various tents, awnings and tarps to make a 'quite large' structure.
This was hopefully to be used by the whole group as a meeting place. Meanwhile an intellectual slant to the proceedings was taken with the group having pre-read a fascinating paper by Isis Brook entitled 'Craft skills and their role in healing the world' (Plymouth College of Art)  
Paul also brought along an interesting book 'The Case for Working with Your Hands' by Matthew Crawford who presented a paper at the Crafts Council  ' Assemble' Conference last week as well as 'Art As Experience' by John Dewey. For details of all these look at the Alias website or contact Paul Harper at Alias.


Liz Caroline and Alison talking and making 

Here are Susi and Caroline drawing from the shadows of the plants and foliage..

The grasses were inviting to work with..

We wove ourselves into the landscape and created a BB place within it to share..

The big tarpaulins were decorated with drawings of flowers and drawings of broderer stitches and, of course, a bit of BB humour!