Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hi-Arts at the Stroud Festival

Have a look at this site (click on link in pink at the end of this paragraph) for Hi-Arts and you will see a feature on the artists whose work was showing at the Stroud Festival at Made in Stroud and who participated in the events. On the right hand side of the page there are two reviews of the Festival as 'downloads' to look at - Wendy Inkster's  talks about the Brunel Broderers and Susi's work - we had a lovely talk when Wendy visited.
What a lovely dream I have of a Brunel Broderers visit to Shetland....! Hmmmm..... worth thinking about more.. Click on the link here..   Hi-Arts
 Also, have a look at the Burra Bears - Wendy's site here - the thinking has such integrity - to 'recycle an entire handknitted Fair Isle patterned Shetland woollen jumper into a bear' - to give new life to the beautiful colours, patterns and handwork.