Friday, 15 February 2013

one and twenty buttonholes..!

'One and twenty buttonholes'  - back to Beatrix Potter's tale, The Tailor of Gloucester...
Some sampling of the tailor's cloth, some text and some machine made buttonholes...
No - it has to be hand-stitched buttonholes for those Exhibition pieces - the skill.. the care.. the time and detail are not to be brought to attention any other way...
But there we have it - the skill?! The frustration, the clumsy attempts - oooh - what a challenge!
Ah, but the vintage buttonhole silk twist thread makes up for any of this - the way it slips through needle and lies against the fabric, it is just wonderful!
I am writing alongside stitching.. an audio piece will follow. The camera - for me it is a dilated eye -
some stitch which begins to resemble something presentable, when looked at magnified is breathtaking in its revelations! And so another idea has formed too - and more work has followed which links to both the story and some deep issues about clothing production... more another time!