Friday, 22 January 2016

painting ideas

So long since I have added anything to the blog. 2015 was not a good year filled with pain and sorrow, but, a new year and a moving forward. 
When walking round Newark Park I was very aware of all the textiles and their varied patterns. A way to move forward was to paint the patterns to see how they might work.

Deep blues and greens are the colours I am currently obsessed with. On the top landing at Newark Park is a cabinet filled with beautiful blue and green glass, something I have always loved. While I was standing on this landing with light on both sides and its view of the stained glass window I had this image of a screen I have had for many years but never used. This seemed to be the place. So I intend to fill the panels of this screen with painted, dyed and stitched cotton organdie which will allow light to shine through the surface.

Just a sample in organdie, not easy to photograph on a dark January day and give sense of the effect of transparency. But work is in progress.