Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Removing the dissolvable fabric from the drawings of the Stuart Casket

I have completed the stitching for the front of the Stuart casket and now have to remove the the dissolvable backing fabric. The work feels quite dense so I think it will hold quite well. 

The first stage in the process is to remove the excess fabric by cutting close to the drawing leaving border that is approximately 1cm all around.  Next, the drawings are carefully pinned onto some pieces of thick foam and then held under running water.  

Drawing pinned on foam board

Washing out the solufleece

Left to dry

Sometimes a second wash is required - it is important to make sure that enough of the dissolvable fabric has been removed otherwise the work will be dark because the colours can be darkened by the glue. But, it is also helpful for some glue to be left in the work to help stiffen it for mounting purposes.