Corinne Renow-Clarke

Colours of the past interwoven with the landscape, tailored to modern lives and uses.



The gift of many bolts of cloth from a country tailor closing his long abandoned shop in the next village became the catalyst for this exhibition. Wools, linens, cottons, and lining fabrics were stacked high in the wriggly tin building that was crammed to it’s rafters. Boxes were overflowing with buttons and zips, spools of thread and leather for patches, together with spiders and dust.


To make something utilitarian was important to me, as was the linking of my work to the local countryside. The wool cloth is of the landscape – sheep clothe the Cotswold Hills. The colours are the muted tones of the earth and fields, stone walls, birds and woodlands. Winter bare fields and wide hilltop skies, huge moons and tracks crossing the land, dry-stone buildings tucked into folds became the language.


Woven lines formed patterns and texture. Lines become stitches. Threads crossed the cloth.


Drawn to landscapes and man’s marks across them – the layering of history and farming, I make observational sketches of the local area, recording change – the seasons, weather, colours, patterns, and the lines of close up details and far off distances.


Walking through it, living it, writing about it, landscape influences my creative life. If I’m away, I long to be back and experiencing my favourite view from across the valley. It has become a friend, a solace to see me through difficult times, a pick-me-up if I’m feeling down, and more than anything a never ending source of inspiration.