Monday, 29 June 2015

More paper

Uses lots of paper. Going to try with fabric......


Playing with paper to explore gills of mushrooms, 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Nature in Art

Brunel Broderers………Inside Out
Their new exhibition at Nature In Art gives members of the Brunel Broderers the opportunity to develop a number of themes about the natural world and to examine the possibilities of making work about the environment shown in an interior space and expands ideas by taking them outside. While each member works individually there are many links between them.
Linda Babb uses recycled papers and henna dyes to reflect her journeys in foreign climes. The Berbers are believed to be the only people to use henna to dye wool and Linda uses symbols from their architecture and textiles on her work.
Susi Bancroft also uses natural dyes and is concerned with both ancient and contemporary techniques. Her prayer flags in the garden use ancient dyeing techniques with tea, turmeric and woad. The flags move in the breeze and send out their messages of peace and hope. In the gallery a film of the flags brings them into the twenty first century.
Stephanie Wooster contrasts the textural qualities of calico with the softness of knitted lambswool on which are stitched animal portraits. The piece creates a sculptural installation in the gallery.
Carolyn Sibbald observes birds in flight soaring on invisible currents of air. They change effortlessly in the breeze and dissolve into wings and feathers. Using both hard and soft materials the pieces capture her perception of flight.
Louise Watson’s work, on a smaller scale and with emphasis on hand stitch is also concerned with birds. These are water birds she has observed and drawn to use in a series of narrative pieces.
Drawing is the basis for the patched strips that Kay Swancutt shows outside. Details are printed onto fabrics echoing the movement of the grasses. Indoors a patched hanging uses pieces of much washed worn fabrics reflecting the reusing of discarded cloth.
Alison Harper is well known for her considered re-purposing of waste materials. In the gallery there is a host of butterflies constructed from one dismantled paper cup. Outside an installation called ’Pass me another Crisp Packet’ will be added to during the exhibition using waste bags from the cafĂ©.
Carla Mines’ work reflects environmental concerns about harm being done to the planet. Outside is a trail of brightly decorative mushrooms while indoors she uses mushrooms and mycelia, the mushroom root system. Mycelium acts as a filter to break down man made poisonous waste products.
Corinne Renow- Clarke is concerned with her local landscape. Outside is work that has been made inside the studio while inside are pieces that refer to her drawing in the environment.
Liz Hewitt is interested in trees. Her gallery piece is stitched reflecting walking in the woods and the contemplative quality of stitch remembering images, and thoughts. In the garden her focus is on Celtic mythology related to the hazel tree which she wraps in a protective jacket.
Liz Harding also uses walks to generate work. In the gallery is a work made in the environment with the film made at the time. Outside is a piece that is about light, colour and movement seen through trees.
The exhibition as a whole gives a broad expressive view of the potential of textile art.
Liz Harding 15. 05. 15
Websites / blogs of members of Brunel Broderers:-
  Louise Watson             
Stephanie Wooster         
Kay Swancutt     
Liz Hewitt           
Susi Bancroft     
Alison Harper     
Come & see Brunel Broderers as Artists in Residence from 11th – 16th August
Tuesday 11th August     Liz Hewitt
                                               Kay Swancutt
Wednesday 12th August           Liz Hewitt
                                                 Kay Swancutt
Thursday 13th August    Alison Harper
                                                Susi Bancroft
Friday 14th August                    Corinne Renow-Clarke           
                                                Carolyn Sibbald
                                                Carla Mines
Saturday 15th August   Stephanie Wooster
Sunday 16th August                  Louise Watson
                                                Linda Babb
Creative Recycling for Children Workshops with Alison Harper & Carla Mines on August 19th for full details and booking contact Nature in Art
Lunchtime talk August 19th – Making  Inside:OUT by Susi Bancroft No booking necessary
Mushroom Trail around gardens for Children – through the exhibition.


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Bewick Swans

Bewick Swans all ready for the framer- work for Inside Out at Nature in Art in August.