Friday 23 October 2015

Elizabethan Embroidered Casket

I visited Newark Park again on Wednesday to gather photographs of the Tudor kitchen. My idea had been to produce site specific work by creating full scale thread drawings of Tudor cooking pots that would be suspended in the fire place.

Tudor Kitchen, Newark Park

Whilst I love the sense of history, stillness and life lived, I couldn't help but wonder if my work would become small and and not seen in the space shown. Also, the work would only be seen during kitchen tours due to the very worn steps leading from the house that require escorted guides for health and safety reasons.

Once back in the house I mentioned to the very helpful staff that I was also interested in the fabulous Elizabethan stumpwork casket. To my surprise, they allowed me to have the box uncovered, moved into the light and gave me plenty of time to take a series of close up photos. The box was then measured and carefully placed back under its viewing case. 

Elizabethan Casket, Newark Park

Close up of casket with worn areas

Close up of casket with worn areas

These caskets were often produced by young girls and involved stump work - a technique that involves padded appliqué, and fine needle work using three dimensional elements. The detailed work often told contemporary stories.

My idea: could I reproduce an image of the casket in 3D? The new image would copy the worn and damaged areas as well as the better preserved parts. Damage and repair would be happening but on this occasion, the damage I am starting with is already beautiful.

The work will take many hours and require obsessive attention to detail; the beauty of the very fragile Elizabethan casket will hopefully continue but the form will be new.

Thursday 22 October 2015


An inspirational day at Newark Park, investigating the grounds and working with found objects to gain a sense of place. I love the combination of textures between the mushroom, feathers, leaves and wire. Working with my initial interests of the people and animals (hunted and eaten) that have passed through the house I feel I can start to capture their fleeting presence. Steph

Wednesday 21 October 2015

West Country Quilt Show

Brunel Broderers have got a fantastic opportunity to take part in this years West Country Quilt Show.
The show opens on Thursday 12th November - Saturday 14th November 10.00 - 4.30
Come and visit us on the stand where we will be demonstrating.
West Country Quilt Show, University West of England, Filton Road, Bristol BS34 8QZ

More fun at Newark Park

We had a great fun day at Newark Park - lots of discussions whilst making !! A very creative time.

Tuesday 20 October 2015

BBs at lunch at Newark Park

Lunch at Newark Park. Refueling before more work and investigating continues. Everyone seeking ideas and stories for the exhibition next June.

Monday 19 October 2015

Newark Park workshop.

BB workshop yesterday at Newark Park. Making things with our found objects. See BB blog on sidebar.
I really enjoyed this!

Sunday 18 October 2015

Newark Park

Here's the results of our day spent at Newark Park, exploring the garden and estate. Carla sent us out into the gardens to collect 6 objects, on our return we spent time looking at our collections, before selecting  3 with which to make a 2 or 3D object. Then we threw a dice to select the next process. 

Leaves stitched and wrapped, mounted on a stone, moss attached to a twig.......
A beautiful sculptural piece of fungus, stuffed with feathers & leaves, before wrapping with thread.
A bottle found in the undergrowth stuffed with leaves etc, with a woven fence of wire and thread. 
A wonderful creative day spent in the Clutterbrook room of the house, immersing ourselves in the history and nature on Newark Park. 
All of us left with our heads full of ideas to develop further for our exhibition next June.

Wednesday 14 October 2015

SIT Select Showcase

This is the sampler and needle cases I am making for my 2 hour workshop at Cheltenham Town Hall Friday 23rd Oct. The needle cases will be made up ready for you to add stitches to. There is a pocket inside for your spotty scissors that come with the kit. Book your place now at