Thursday, 31 March 2011

'Curiouser...?' Susi Bancroft

Family threads
assemble and dissemble
reveal and hide
holding, piecing and joining
connecting and slipping away..

My mother was dying
I was stitching
The two processes connected
and layered together:
a delicate rhythm

I continue stitching,
interpreting, defining
and the work emerges

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Liz Harding "Curiouser...?"
Continuing the journey
Each day new things seen
Becoming curiouser and….
The landscape remains the same but
Yesterday we saw deer
Last week the hedgerow looked bare
Today little white spots, flower buds on the Blackthorn
Observation, documentation and reflection lead to a series of painted and stitched textile works

"Curiouser...?" Kay Swancutt

A seam is a join where two or more pieces of fabric or other materials are held together with stitches
A stitch is a short length of thread that has been passed through one or more pieces of material, either for decoration or to join pieces together
A joint is an edge, junction, or intersection with infinite possibilities

Monday, 28 March 2011

'Curiouser'....? Corinne Renow-Clarke


Since the ‘Curious Drawers’ exhibition my work has evolved. As I worked
through ideas I become more interested in detailed aspects of the Grimm
Brothers’ fairy tales that I previously used as inspiration.

I have decided to focus on one story– that of Little Red. The three symbolic
colours of fairy tales will come to the fore – the red (of blood), white (of snow)
and black (of ravens’ wings). These colours are to be used to create a range
of items incorporating the forest flowers that Little Red stopped to pick for her
Corinne Renow-Clarke 2011.

'Curiouser'.....? Louise Watson

Artists Statement for “ Curiouser…..?” Silk Mill - Frome Sept 2011
For the “Curious Drawers” exhibition (May 2010) I made a sketchbook and chest of drawers after studying insects, looking specifically at butterflies. Last Autumn and this Winter I took moths as my theme and my work has pared down in colour and techniques. I have made drawings in pencil and ink developing the concept of fragility and ephemera. The folded creases of a moths wing suggests concertina shapes and possible sculptural forms. I intend to produce a white drawer and a small white chest inspired by moths.
Louise Watson. March 2011.

Silk Mill Studios, Frome our next exhibition..

an assortment of images and statements of the exciting work in progress from the group for the forthcoming exhibition "Curiouser...?" at the Silk Mills in Frome in September..... Have a look at the Silk Mills site here

Wednesday, 16 March 2011 this space...!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Carla's collage

I am playing around with notan - looking at old botanical prints.
I took this work to our BB meeting today to show everyone.
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