Friday, 29 April 2011

Louise's collaboration

Louise is doing final preparations for the collaboration exhibition.
Private View Friday 6th May, Exhibition 7th May - 26th June
Open every day 10.30 - 5.30 every day
Craft in the Bay, Cardiff in the Bay CF104QH
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Friday, 22 April 2011


I was looking for buttons today.
In my mother's home you can open a sewing box...
or a drawer, or look in a tiny bowl on a shelf,
or in a glass vase, a broken china saucer,
find some wrapped in a screw of tissue,
or tied in a bag with string, a treasure
hunt which will delight and surprise!

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Corinne's "Little red" storybook front cover, work in progress for "Curiouser...?"

new "Curiouser" work and artist statement from Carolyn...

I have travelled widely and am interested in the lives, beliefs and religions of the many cultures I have visited – but never to Japan. A small Japanese cabinet with drawers has evoked many thoughts and led me down many paths in my research.
Clothing, painting and printing, architecture, beliefs, Buddhists and Zen, haiku, the art of folding and of stitching, tea ceremonies, geisha, parasols and fans, my journey has begun as I work with my fabrics and threads, papers and found objects to interpret this eclectic mix.

Carla's tears, images of work in progress for "Curiouser...?"

Observation, reflection, fragility, delicate, emphera, reinventing, mending, frayed, ripped, edge, intersection, junction, red, black, white, journey, doorway, saisiko, rhythm, discovering, tears – 21 words to celebrate 21 years making a mark in stitch.

It is the Brunel Broderers 21st year...the journey continues...

Friday, 15 April 2011

I found this lovely quote from 1859 -

'Thus the day was spent in friendly gossip as they quilted and rolled and talked and laughed ...Unrestrained gayeties followed..serious matrons commentated on the cake and told each other high and particular secrets in the culinary art..One might have learned in that instructuve assembly how best to keep moths out of blankets;how to make fritters of Indian corn undistinguishable from oysters;how to bring up babies by hand; how to mend a cracked teapot; how to take grease from to make five yards of cloth answer the purpose of six; and how to put down the Democratic party. '(Harriet Beecher Stowe 1859) Remind you of any group you know?? Kay