Saturday, 23 January 2016

Eco dyed pieces

My first pieces for our exhibition are the results of a walk through the gardens and estate of Newark Park collecting leaves. I used the leaves to ecodye silk noil and raw silk fabrics, then pieced them into long thin hangings, representing my walk. My first attempts at Eco dyeing with the leaves were disappointing, but the addition of iron water has helped revealed leaf forms that were not visible, creating beautiful layers of leaves; reminding me of the leaves lying on the paths as I walked.

I'm now starting to develop a larger piece using more of these fabrics. The leaves of autumn conjure up images of a comforting blanket for me, helping protect the earth from the harshness of winter, so a comforting quilt form, which brings warm comfort when we're cold, seems to be the best way to illustrate this thought. 

Creative meeting for New Worke

Last Sunday we had a creative review of some of our work so far. Here are some lovely images of Corinne's early ideas. 

The zig-zag books record sketches that Corinne did on our first visit to Newark Park when she was looking for inspiration. One shows animals and birds found on decorative items in the house and the other has flowers that were drawn by the pond. Whether any of this feeds into her final work remains to be seen but there is a thread of secrecy....

Friday, 22 January 2016

painting ideas

So long since I have added anything to the blog. 2015 was not a good year filled with pain and sorrow, but, a new year and a moving forward. 
When walking round Newark Park I was very aware of all the textiles and their varied patterns. A way to move forward was to paint the patterns to see how they might work.

Deep blues and greens are the colours I am currently obsessed with. On the top landing at Newark Park is a cabinet filled with beautiful blue and green glass, something I have always loved. While I was standing on this landing with light on both sides and its view of the stained glass window I had this image of a screen I have had for many years but never used. This seemed to be the place. So I intend to fill the panels of this screen with painted, dyed and stitched cotton organdie which will allow light to shine through the surface.

Just a sample in organdie, not easy to photograph on a dark January day and give sense of the effect of transparency. But work is in progress.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Peacock feather.

My first piece for New Work Exhibition finished. A banner hanging for outside in the peacock house at Newark Park.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Peacocks from Newark Park

Peacocks are regarded as symbols of nobility, so I doodled in my sketchbook adding a dictionary definition of nobility.

Peacocks from Newark Park

My first impressions of Newark Park are of peacocks. Their influence can be seen throughout the house. In many cultures peacocks are sacred and are a symbol of all-seeing knowledge and wisdom of the heavens. Others believe that they are a symbol of Eternal life, a link between heaven and earth. I found a medieval recipe for roasting a peacock. (Vegetarians and peacock lovers avert your eyes,ha) . It said, "firste ketch a pecok'.

Feathers from Newark Park

My theme for the exhibition in June is The birds of Newark Park. I have been bird watching there many times and collecting evidence of their presence. Here are some feathers found at Newark Park.
My experiments with soluble fabric and snippets of fabric.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Drawn Stuart Stumpwork Box; the work so far...

I have now finished the second piece of the Stuart Casket as can be seen in the first image.

Newly completed left front

Right front completed in November

The fascination with the project is strong; the idea that the work of young women, possibly teenagers, is worthy of obsessive and meticulous free machine drawing, even though the original is  so faded and damaged. And my boys, hours spent playing on line with very little to show for the hours of gaming. 

But, the work is very hard to do and therefor it is growing slowly and I am worried about completing the work before the exhibition at Newark Park in June. However I might try to hurry the process I am unable to miss any of the detail - something that may or will become lost when the backing fabric is finally dissolved with water. For now, I will make the final part of the front and then try to decide on the best way to take the project forward. 

The original Stuart Casket