Saturday, 31 July 2021


Brunel Broderers will be exhibiting at The Lansdown Hall and Gallery, Stroud, Gloscestershire, from Wednesday 8th to Sunday 19th September under the title Inhabit. Each member will be showing a new body of work.

Members have each adopted their own approach. For some, the word inhabit may suggest the living in or physical occupation of place. For others, it may evoke ideas around reflection or memory relating to place. 

Linda Babb has been attracted for many years to the architecture and art of the Middle East and Morocco in particular. Work for this exhibition continues this fascination through the exploration of pattern, design and symmetry in buildings. 

Liz Harding's work has for some years been focussed on Down Ampney, the Gloucestershire village where she lives. Through walks and sketchbooks, she has amassed a large collection of mental images of place. Throughout lockdown and while waiting for surgery which made moving about difficult, she has continued her walks in her head and made a stitch archive of what she has seen. 

Carla Mines has made a thinging cap because thinking allows humans to make sense of the world we inhabit. Her work focuses especially on the effects of our habitation through the plastic waste we throw away in our environment. 

Margaret Robbie's textile work has often developed out of overseas travel. For this exhibition, the physical form of modern architecture with its high-rise buildings has provided rich scope for the development of abstract digital imagery. Her work considers the damage and disruption that can occur when modern development in large cities proceeds unchecked.  

Carolyn Sibald's work is based on an old farmer's smock and a box of documents from the Somerset farm inhabited by her family for many generations. The worn surface of the smock is loaded with meaning and the stories of life lived and she is adding to it by hand stitching her history into the surface. 

We will be stewarding every day throughout this varied exhibition and we hope to welcome those who are close enough to come. 

Monday, 19 July 2021

Corinne Renow-Clarke

 Corinne has now left the group and we wish her well for the future.