Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Meeting in strange times

We've been meeting as best as we could during the Corona virus outbreak and it's been good to know that we could get together in one way or another.

Initially, we held weekly meetings over Zoom, after mastering the technology (just about!). We discussed our work and talked to one another from our kitchen tables, sitting rooms and studios, and even in the lovely weather in May, from our gardens. We showed our work and discussed up-coming exhibitions. All this helped us to keep focused and working. 

Since it's been possible, we've met twice in members' gardens, socially distanced and observing guidelines. Thank goodness for great weather!

There's nothing like meeting face to face together with coffee and cake to oil the brain ...

or a good supply of chocolate biscuits ...

or a picnic lunch on a warm summer's day.

As winter approaches, we realise we may be back to Zoom, if government regulations about meeting indoors in England remain unchanged. Still, we'll be glad to be a meeting at all. 

Before then, we have an exhibition of our work in the Art Centre at the Meeting House in Ilminster from Tuesday 13 October, of which more later. 

Margaret Robbie