Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The BB'S go to Bridport!

Very exciting news for 2013..! The BB's are going to exhibit in Dorset at
Bridport Arts Centre 
Have a look at the range of create, vibrant, thought provoking activites that go on.
And - of course a few minutes away there is the seaside!
Alison and Susi met Polly Gifford (Arts Director) during the summer.

Somehow, on our journey down, we were chatting and forgot to get off the train at the right stop and ended up in Weymouth!

 We were rather keen on an ice-cream and Alison was just looking around hopefully.. but we needed to work out how to get to Bridport Art Centre on time and spotted the perfect way..

We hopped on this wonderful bus which goes all along the coast road to Bridport.

We sat on the top deck looking out..

The Exhibition is titled "Strand: textiles with a contemporary twist'
It will run from Saturday 17 August - Saturday 14 September 2013
with the Opening on Friday 16 August - 6-8pm

We are inviting 3 local artists to exhibit with us too.... more later...

Monday, 15 October 2012

The bag that went to New Zealand! This is the bag I made for my friend Rosemary Cochrane, the ceramist, she took it on her travels earlier this year.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I am busy packing pictures for an exhibition at the Parabola Arts Centre in Cheltenham with Glos Guild of Craftsmen. It is open Oct 5th - 13th. 12-5pm, closed Sundays. It is linked in with the Literary festival and the Arts Centre is part of the Ladies College. I am stewarding Monday 8th Oct.
This little picture is called A Splash of Colour.