Tuesday 4 June 2024

Linda Babb and circles

Circle motifs appear frequently in the artefacts in the Corinium Museum collections. They feature in (among otherplaces) a fascinating late Iron Age gold coin depicting a triple-tailed horse, in much Iron Age and Roman jewellery, in horse harnesses and in the spectacular mosaics recovered from the villas of the Roman town of Corinium (now Cirencester). 

Following her visit to the museum, Linda has been exploring this idea for our latest exhibition in Cirencester in the summer.

She is now developing a series of small, decorative and richly coloured pieces following this theme. 

Further details of our exhibition can be found by following the link given here.

Margaret Robbie

Saturday 1 June 2024

Exhibition in Corinium Museum Cirencester

Brunel Broderers will be exhibiting in the gallery at the Corinium Museum in Cirencester from 14 August to 15 September. Further details are given below. 

The textile work in this exhibition references the artefacts in the Corinium Museum's collection. They provide a fascinating picture of the history of Cirencester from neolithic times to the Victorian era and highlight especially the legacy left locally by the Romans from 80 AD onwards. 

Members have explored both the range of objects currently on show in the museum and further items in the archives while planning their approach. Several visits have been made to weigh up possibilities, take photographs and talk to members of the museum staff. 

The textile work which has developed reflects both the richness of the collection and the varied interests and approaches of the members. 

A taster is shown below.

Much more will follow!

Margaret Robbie

Sunday 16 July 2023

Liz Harding

One last post as we come to the end of our exhibition at The Forge Needle Mill. Liz has mined her collections of small things as the reference for the work in this exhibition. 

In particular, there are several pieces developed from favourite flowers in her garden and around her house, and a large piece which  relates to groups of patterned stones found on the beach, smoothed by the passage of water. Liz has also recycled selected items from her collection of unfinished pieces. These were cut up and reworked to be included in her current work. 

The results are to be seen in paint on canvas and in stitch, often with work in one medium (usually paint) leading to related work in the other medium (stitch). This approach makes for a fascinating contrast in colour, texture and form within her work and gives a most interesting insight into the varied approaches within her practice. 

Her large piece titled Beach (above and in a previous post shown within the gallery space here) evolved from an unfinished piece of canvas in her collection which was then painted painted further and machine stitched. The accompanying samples from her collection and drawings in paint and stitch on paper and cloth explain its development. 

The two related pieces shown below reference Liz's collection of small succulent plants. 

Plant Form I (left) is in acrylic painted on canvas and Plant Form II (right) is a stitched piece using recycled painted organdie. 

Margaret Robbie 

Tuesday 27 June 2023

Carolyn Sibbald

While evolving the work shown in this exhibition, Carolyn carefully researched aspects of Victorian childhood and education. 

From this, she meticulously hand stitched rhymes, sayings and even the details of British Education Acts since the 19th century onto antique children's clothes, bibs and napkins - which she sourced from local markets or the internet. All the pieces which resulted can be seen in Praxis, our exhibition currently on view at The Forge Needle Mill in Reditch. 

The number of hours she that must have spent on all this beautiful hand stitching is awe-inspiring.  

This work all sprang from a farmer's smock discovered when her family's farm in Somerset was sold and onto which she stitched the history of the family and of the farm. It can be seen again in this exhibition and is fascinating.

Margaret Robbie

Sunday 25 June 2023

Linda’s circling again …

Linda has continued to explore stitch and colour in her circles and has developed interesting contrasting surfaces, some simple, some very complex  

Where will this go next?

Lina Babb

Friday 23 June 2023

Carla Mines - The Red List

Carla's textile practice for the last thirty years has given her a voice to try and change attitudes to the manufacture, use and disposal of plastic and the problems for wildlife caused by its use. For this exhibition, she has focused her attention on the plight of fish in the world's oceans and rivers. 

Her carefully researched work highlights the many marine and freshwater fish on the Red List (species considered by conservation bodies to be at risk of extinction). 

The long list of red machine stitched names cascading down the wall and onto the floor in the gallery, many of them familiar, makes for very sobering reading. 

This feeling is reinforced by the stitched words of Sir David Attenborough which hang alongside the Red List.

Extracts from her sketchbook describing some of the threatened fish in detail are shown in a display cabinet beside her work to explain her process and give background. 

Margaret Robbie

Sunday 18 June 2023

More Praxis

As promised, I'm posting more photographs of our exhibition Praxis which opended last week in the gallery at Forge Needle Mill in Reditch.

Since the subtitle of this exhibition was 'Exploring personal creativity through textiles', members have followed individual themes and interests. The work which has evolved is as varied as the personal processes which underly its making. 

For some members, there has been considerable background research and investigation of a personal theme. For others, the work has developed via personal photographs and direct exploration in sketchbooks of places visited or of personal interests. 

Shown above and also below (in this order) is work by Carolyn Sibbald, Linda Babb and Liz Harding.

... and above and shown below in this order is work by Liz Harding, Carolyn Sibbald and (just visible to the left in the main photo) Margaret Robbie. 

Finally there is a thought provoking piece by Carla Mines. More on this work in the next post!

Further details of all the artists whose work is being shown in this exhibition can be found in a previous post here

Quite apart from the unusual gallery space we are currently occupying, on a warm summer day, the Mill with its parkland surroundings is a lovely place to visit and offers a most interesting insight into the local history of Redditch. 

Full details of opening times and how to find Forge Needle Mill are available on their website.

Margaret Robbie

Thursday 15 June 2023

Praxis exhibition in Forge Needle Museum Redditch is open

Our exhibition Praxis opened last Wednesday. This is just a taster of what can be seen and gives an idea of the nature of this very unusual gallery. 

Featured here is work by Carolyn Sibbald, Linda Babb and Margaret Robbie. 

I will be visiting the gallery again soon to take more photographs that will be posted over the weekend, together with a longer post giving details of the gallery and the museum which houses it.  

Margaret Robbie

Friday 19 May 2023

Stitching the past

Following her intriguing embroidery on a family farmer's smock shown in Stroud last year (previously featured on our blog here and here), Carolyn has become fascinated with the effect of adding the written word to textiles. 

She has visited local markets and searched the internet and has acquired several lovely examples of  antique Victorian children's clothing and other items. These (all in white cotton) include dresses, bibs and a delightful little mob cap. 

She has added to their story with carefully researched nursery rhymes and traditional sayings all of which have been finely hand stitched in red machine thread. 

Her work is truly exquitite and is not to be missed.  

It will be on show in our exhibition Praxis at The Forge Mill in Redditch from June 7th. Full details can be found in the bar to the right of this blog. 

Carolyn Sibbald

Thursday 18 May 2023

Dunnottar Castle, Aberdeenshire

My work so often develops from places I've visited, especially those which make a lasting impression on me. Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeenshire has been one such place. It sits perched dramatically on a clifftop high above the sea. 

All my pieces for our upcoming exhibition, Praxix, at Forge Needle Mill in Redditch were based on a single visit to the castle made at the end of July last year. They show varying degrees of abstraction but each piece was developed from tracings and drawings of my photographs, some of which were shown in a previous post.

Shown top is one of a series of four small figurative pieces exploring the buildings and layout of the castle which were developed from the tracings below it and to which colour and stitch were added.  

Details of this exhibition are shown in the side panel to the right. 

Margaret Robbie

Friday 28 April 2023

Framing dilemas


Liz and Margaret discussing presentation and framing of work for our exhibition of new work at Forge Mill Needle Museum in Redditch from June 7th to July 16th. Much thought was given to width of mount and size and colour of frame. As it was my work being  discussed in this photo, I’m particularly keen to see the final result when I collect the pieces from the framers two weeks hence!

We are all showing work under the title Praxis, following individual themes which reflect our practice and personal interests. A varied and interesting exhibition is promised - and more tasters will no doubt follow in due course. 

Margaret Robbie 

Thursday 27 April 2023

Exhibiton in Redditch

Brunel Broderers will have an exhibition of new work in the gallery at Forge Mill Needle Museum in Redditch from June 7th to July 16th under the title Praxis. Details are given below. 

Praxis is defined as the exercise or practice of an art, science or skill. Each member will be showing work on an individual theme reflecting their practice, their interests and their own personal approach to creativity. The work on show is thereore particularly varied this time. 

The gallery is housed in the Grade 2 listed redbrick building of the mill which also houses a small museum and is part of the Bordesley Abbey Visitor Centre. The Needle Mill and its surroundings make for a most interesting venue and there is much to enjoy.