Sunday, 24 November 2019

Prehistoric rock art

I'm using the opportunity of a mixed media sketchbook class at theyard:ARTspace in Cheltenham with Sue Brown to play with ideas for a future BBs exhibition on the theme of Inhabit. 

Here, I’ve been looking at prehistoric British rock art and exploring the marks, possibly symbolic, to be found. 

The plan is to develop some of these into stitched samples & see where that leads.

Corrine Renow-Clarke

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Visiting Marrakech

Wandering the souks of Marrakech (a favourite haunt of hers) yesterday afternoon, Linda found these exquisitely embroidered textiles.

A close look reveals the simplicity of the stitches used, cross stitch on one and chain stitch on the other - timeless and without boundaries both of them.

It just shows, you don't have to be complicated technically or break dramatically new ground to make an impact!

Tuesday, 19 November 2019


Brunel Broderers will be taking their Bloom exhibition to Illminster in the autumn of next year, augmented with some new work.

I'm continuing to develop the work previously shown in Cheltenham and to replace some pieces which sold. Currently, I'm completing one piece I was working on before the exhibition opened but didn't have time to complete.

45 cm square when mounted and framed

It feels as if the next step now is to try out all sorts of other ideas using the same core images but with a different approach since I want all these pieces to relate to one another and to be part of a developing series. In Photoshop Elements, I've been manipulating the big rose tree shapes, working on them in black and white and then colorising, distorting, and layering them and playing with opacity levels.

So far, these have materialised ... but I'm right at the beginning of this whole idea!

And, I suspect there is much more to come before decide on which path to take and begin work in earnest ...

Margaret Robbie

Moving On

 'Bloom' has been put away until it is shown again next year in Ilminster  [details given nearer the time]. So now to move on with ideas for a new collection of pieces with the word 'Inhabit' in mind.
After a busy year making large scale work including a commission for St. James Church Chipping Campden Liz is trying to refocus, still with the images of Gothic churches in her head. Too early to come up with any plans the way forward seems to be to simply stitch, and enjoy the process, but on a small scale.

Thinking of the colours of medieval stained glass seen in the rich tracery of church windows simple blocks of colours are used with the addition of machined lines carve the shapes in the surface.
One thought leads to another and the reading of a magazine article suggests the use of a rather neglected Embellisher to indent colour in and through the surface.

Lets see where this might lead!

Friday, 6 September 2019

Bloom in Cheltenham

Our BLOOM exhibition is now up and running in the Gardens Gallery in Cheltenham and will be open for viewing until Tuesday 10th September.

Shown here is a snapshot of the work by all six members of Brunel Broderers on show in this lovely gallery. So far, we have had good footfall and fascinating conversations with visitors. We will be stewarding every day and would very much welcome anyone close enough to pay us a visit. 

Full details are given in the poster in the sidebar of this blog and on the Gardens Gallery website. 

Margaret Robbie 

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Chenonceau Gardens and Bloom

Much work is ongoing to finish my submission for Bloom. Seen here, is part of a piece 1 metre long which develops studies of the planting in the formal gardens of the Chateau at Chenonceau seen during a recent visit to the Loire region of France.

The image was printed onto fine cotton and then cut out and applied to a length of a white damask table cloth before stitching began. It is as yet unfinished and therefore unstretched.

Further details about the thinking behind this piece and others in the series are to be found here and details of  the Bloom exhibition are given in the sidebar of this blog.

Margaret Robbie

Saturday, 17 August 2019


Work for Bloom, our exhibition in the Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham, is almost complete. This is a reminder that the exhibition can be viewed from Wednesday 4th to Tuesday 10th September.

Full details are given below and in the sidebar of this blog.

We will be stewarding throughout the week and look forward to welcoming those of our followers who live close enough to come.