Tuesday 30 August 2011

Frome work

Just finished my work for Frome after stitching solidly for three days. I am pleased with the pieces and thought you might like to see an image or two.

Friday 26 August 2011

...cherished memories...
...holding onto those ritual and ceremonies that shape us.
tea and biscuits, napkin rings and tablecloths...conversation, debate and love.
detail from "Friday Tea" work for Curiouser by Lizzie Weir.

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Carolyn's cranes are growing and preparing for flight, 700 hundred amassed so far and more being created beautifully, delicately and with a swiftness of touch as we sit and discuss....

...tears of...


...lament for the destruction...

...plastic encroaches every living thing, threatens to engulf and suffocate the greenery and beauty that assume will always be there...

new and thought provoking work from Carla Mines...watch this space!

take a walk through the flowers....

look at the tail!...

... intrigued...?

new work in progress from Corinne Renow-Clarke for "Curiouser...?"

muted palette

linear linen

subtle blue undertones permeate the cloth, new work from Linda Babb for "Curiouser...?"

new work by Linda Babb, vibrant colour and line...

Monday 15 August 2011

Painswick Exhibition

The Glos Guild of Craftsmen Summer Exhibition in Painswick finishes this Sunday. Last chance to see my collaboration work with Rosemary Cochrane!

There are some days when stitch can seem to restrict the creativity. Sometimes you just need to be bold and free, to allow the physicality of the fabric to speak for itself.
This morning the sky was blue and the sun shining, just the time for some"blue sky thinking".The beginning of a piece of work for the forecourt of the Silk Mill. Now about two metres by one; it will grow!

Saturday 13 August 2011


Amy Houghton and Ed Holroyd have created Tweave (commissioned by Craftspace) - have a browse and listen!
Tweave maps sound recordings of craft and making to create an evolving thread of sounds - see here
Recently Amy recorded 3 pieces with Susi which are on the site - 'Susi Bancroft stitching hand-written paper backings onto a contemporary quilt artwork'; 'Susi Bancroft reading her reflections on sound and making' and also 'Susi Bancroft reading her reflections on sound and making, piece 2'.
You can listen to one of them here Susi Bancroft reading her reflections on sound and making, piece 2 (mp3)
The pieces accompany the making of work for 'Curiouser?..' for the Silk Mills Frome in September.

Friday 12 August 2011

The Power of Making

Alison is currently featuring in a video called 'interactive knitting' on the Crafts Council website (filmed by Marc le Galle). Alison recently took her knitting chair into Bath School of Art and Design where she invited passers by to join her in her making - knitting, crocheting and unpicking the yarn she has made from discarded crisp packets - emphasising the fact that this material will be around for a very long time... if not forever. Do you know how much 'yarn' she can make from one packet?!
For viewing go to here and look for her video called 'interactive knitting'. Will try to post the video on the blog here in the next day or two. The V and A are holding an exhibition in September called 'The Power of Making' - for more detail see here

Friday 5 August 2011

Paper Cranes...

New work for "Curiouser...?" from Carolyn...

beautiful Japanese origami cranes, simplicity of line and shape...
Carolyn's collograph block before it has been printed.....

Alison's work in progress for Curiouser...

Alison will be using her crisp packet yarn for an outside installation at the Silk Mills responding to the post-industrial character of the setting.

Recent developing work is challenging the 'throw-away' single use of paper coffee cups
one cut cup

Birthday Cake!

As you can see preparations are afoot for the BB's birthday cake! We are inviting you to make your own candles and bring them along to the show - as we need at least 21! Please attach a small label describing your favourite / worst birthday party experience! This can be from when you were 5 or 50.... Size for candles optional - whatever you like!
Hints - cut spirals or wrapping are an easy way to cover a tube and thin wire on the outside holds the shape.

Thursday 4 August 2011

glimpses and details

Glimpses of landscape exploring the effects of colour continue to fascinate Liz.
Orange and red provide a contrast to the blue and green [detail of Glimpse 3]
Grey softens and merges the brighter colour [detail Glimpse 7]