Saturday 23 May 2020

Lock down visitors

We get visitors every day and they are very demanding!

Linda Babb

Wednesday 20 May 2020


Beautiful flowers from my son cheering my lockdown.

Carolyn Sibbald

Tuesday 19 May 2020

but it will pass

My "lockdown" hanging is finished for the moment and hanging in the garden where it will stay to brighten a dark corner and see what is happening to the cloth. I may add to it or perhaps line it and make it more "finished", who knows. Its been a bit of a trip down memory lane using bits of old embroideries and scraps of dyed and painted cloth.. It is called "but it will pass" a phrase taken from an article about lockdown by  Marcel Theroux in the Guardian newspaper.

Liz Harding

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Keep drawing and stitching

When a piece of work, a theme or an idea is completed or a new direction is needed  I draw.
For the last week I have been drawing some of my small collection of succulents. The drawings may provide ideas for new work or simply be for practice and enjoyment.


I also like to have some small scale  hand stitching to do so that I can observe and think about the relationship of colours and their effect.So I look back through my sketchbooks 
for ideas. So will these small investigations of blue and gold lead to anything? Does it matter?

          Liz Harding