Carolyn Sibbald

Carolyn’s work is influenced by her surroundings, her travels around the world & her interests in the beliefs and religions of the many cultures she has visited.  Originally a graphic designer she later studied textiles.  These disparate inspirations form a very eclectic approach to surface design.
She uses natural fabrics, mixed media and recycled objects; recycling in unusual ways, seizing the discarded and looking at it afresh.  Exploring different medium her work has branched out – embellishing hard and soft surfaces but retaining her certain graphic sensibility.
The tailors’ workshop was started in the late 1800’s. Considering the periods of wars and depressions that these generations of tailors saw I have recycled these remnants of suiting alongside other worn men’s tailored clothing as might have been done during those years of hardship to make home and living more comfortable.