Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Carla continuing with her bees

Carla  has found a lovely poem by Norman Rowland Gale that describes bees beautifully.
You voluble, velvety fellows
That play on your flying and musical cellos
All golden girdled you serenade clover
Each artist in bass but a bibulous rover

Your passionate powdery pastoral bandits
Who gave you your roaming 
Rollicking mandate
Come out of my foxglove;
Come out of my roses
You bees with the plushy plausible noses.

Carla has been looking at the bees waggle dance. The bees do this dance within the hive to show the other foragers where the best food is located. They do a short zigzag when food is near and a longer one for further away. This dance was first decoded by the Austrian Scientist Karl con Frisch. He was awarded a Nobel prize in 1973 for this discovery.

Brunel broderers working towards Bampton

Christmas over, Carolyn cutting small houses for exhibition at Bampton.
Corinne has brought some sewing that she had started before. A lovely appliqué inspired by Elaine Pamphilion, to hang in her house.