Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Thinkings about Strand and images of my work in progress...

The threads of our lives weave and twist
Sometimes they flow, mesh and join together harmoniously and co-operatively, everything comes together
Sometimes they knot, they fray, they don't fit, clashing and tangled
However through all of that, at the centre of it is you, your thread, your journey.
You influence the threads around you and indeed your own, sometimes this is intentional and you are the weaver of your own threads, sometimes the threads are not in your control
This work is about my threads, where they all the individual strands weave together, sometimes.
Each piece is different, the red thread running through is key, this is the family thread, without it I would unravel.

I recently found some lost shoes washed up on the strandline of my favourite beach on the Roseland in Cornwall, they were asking me to work with them, thread and stitch are the beginnings of those threadings, they fit with my "Strand" work, the pieces converse and work...hopefully...

 These pieces have not been worked into yet, however they are the next pieces, the pocket I found in the Isles of Scilly, again a place of special significance to me, somewhere I truely feel I can breathe and be...I am not sure how this will finish...but am very excited by the outcome...