Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Drawn Stuart Stumpwork Box; the work so far...

I have now finished the second piece of the Stuart Casket as can be seen in the first image.

Newly completed left front

Right front completed in November

The fascination with the project is strong; the idea that the work of young women, possibly teenagers, is worthy of obsessive and meticulous free machine drawing, even though the original is  so faded and damaged. And my boys, hours spent playing on line with very little to show for the hours of gaming. 

But, the work is very hard to do and therefor it is growing slowly and I am worried about completing the work before the exhibition at Newark Park in June. However I might try to hurry the process I am unable to miss any of the detail - something that may or will become lost when the backing fabric is finally dissolved with water. For now, I will make the final part of the front and then try to decide on the best way to take the project forward. 

The original Stuart Casket