Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Knitting in progress

It's that time of year when you want to close the curtains and get out the knitting! There has been a wonderful resurgence in knitting and crotchet. My daughter has just finished her second crotchet blanket. On Sunday at the BB AGM we were admiring Liz Harding's knitted throw. These are my knitted mittens. They look clever but they are 4ply variegated sock wool, you just knit a tube on 3/4 needles. They are so great to keep in a coat pocket, and you can keep them off while shopping because you have your fingers free!  Cast on 18sts on  each 3 needles. Knit 60 rows ( or longer if you want) Increase one st at beg. on each needle. Knit a round. Do this 5 times. ( 23 sts each needle) Knit backwards and forwards on 20 sts for thumb ( so you have to do knit row and then purl back here) Cast off and rejoin wool. Knit 23 rows and cast off. Stitch up thumb seam and weave in ends. I invented the pattern myself so feel free to experiment! You can make the cuff very long but it takes more wool. I get one pair from 50g ball wool. I have knitted lots for family and friends they make a lovely present.