Sunday, 18 October 2015

Newark Park

Here's the results of our day spent at Newark Park, exploring the garden and estate. Carla sent us out into the gardens to collect 6 objects, on our return we spent time looking at our collections, before selecting  3 with which to make a 2 or 3D object. Then we threw a dice to select the next process. 

Leaves stitched and wrapped, mounted on a stone, moss attached to a twig.......
A beautiful sculptural piece of fungus, stuffed with feathers & leaves, before wrapping with thread.
A bottle found in the undergrowth stuffed with leaves etc, with a woven fence of wire and thread. 
A wonderful creative day spent in the Clutterbrook room of the house, immersing ourselves in the history and nature on Newark Park. 
All of us left with our heads full of ideas to develop further for our exhibition next June.

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