Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Writing my artist's statement

Our exhibition at Newark Park is quickly approaching and it is time to think about how my work will be presented and what my artist's statement will say about it.

The free machine embroidered 'Stuart Casket' is now complete and ready to be mounted on to a perspex box the same size as the original piece on display in the Tudor Room.

Drawn Stuart Casket, 2016

I have calculated that the front piece of this project has taken approximately 315 hours to complete. Throughout this process I have questioned the skill and determination of young people - those of the past who have left us these wonderful antiquities, my youth, where I too enjoyed the excitement of a new craft kit and todays youth, where many hours are spent online. 

I plan to display kits from my past, representations of projects that I have spent many hours working on, a time where I developed my passion for making.

French Knitting Doll

Matchstick Kit

String Drawing

And for todays generation, a cinemagraph will be shown in the gallery of Newark Park examining their play - and once again, with many hours are occupied.

Cinemagraph, 'Young hands'', 2016