Sunday, 18 May 2014

Contrasting exhibitions

Over the last few weeks I have visited 3 exhibitions starting with the Kaffe exhibition at the American Museum in Bath and was overwhelmed by the use of colour and the theatrical setting of the exhibition. This is the sight which greets you as you enter the gallery, a riot of colour and pattern.

In complete contrast, a visit to Stroud and the Alice Fox exhibition, who had created a calm, tranquil space, which captured the beauty of the sea shore. Delicate marks, sensitive stitch, & floating strips of cloth.

Then  finally a visit to the Museum in the Park to see the work of Jilly Morris, Hilary Bower & Caroline Bartlett. Delicate marks made by stitch and / or graphite were captured by these artists using black, grey and white.  My personal favourite this piece by Jilly Morris, with the delicate lace like quality of the drilled paper in stark contrast with the strength of the black graphite surface next to the holes.

All resulting in a return to playing with mark marking and colour, so watch this space, as my experiments develop.