Sunday, 21 February 2021

A family smock

As I work towards Inhabit*, the Brunel Broderers' exhibition now sheduled for later this year, I have been adding a great deal of new stitching to a smock which dates from when my family farmed in Somerset, certainly as far back as the mid-1800s and maybe further back still. 

The work on the smock tells the story of the farm, its history and that of the members of my family who lived and worked there. Further details can be found in previous posts herehere and here

The smock needed a great deal of repair as the linen was quite damaged and was worn very thin in places. Before stitching onto it, I basted a lining into it to add strength. I have mainly used a fine silk to add as little weight as possible.

Inhabit will be on view in the Landsdown Galleries in Stroud from 7th to 20th September 2021, Covid restrictions willing.

Carolyn Sibbald

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