Monday, 11 June 2012

Come and Visit Us!

THERE'S STILL TIME!!!!... Our exhibition at Ruskin Mill entitled "Curiously Enough" is only open until 1pm on Thursday, if you have not seen it, only 3 days left...In the meantime...with huge thanks to Ian Wilson, here are a few quotes from his review of our exhibition "Curiouser...?" at the Silk Mills in Frome last September...some of the work featured at our current exhibition "Curiously Enough" was shown at this exhibition...The review was in the Jan/Feb 2012 edition of Embroidery Magazine...

"...'A Print for Patti', made by Susi Bancroft while caring for her dying mother, was so hung that it moved in the slightest draught of air. Like a very English interpretation of a Tibetan prayer-flag, Bancroft's thoughts about making and grieving were hand-written on Liberty cotton lawn, cut and pieced  onto an unfinished quilt begun by her mother..."

"...Against the cream-painted stone walls Kay Swancutt's joined, seamed and stitched quilt like pieces in ecru fabric "Joins 1 and 2"-had a presence both quietest and impressive, which encouraged thoughts about the meditative slowness and repetitiveness of the making process..."

"...Uncoiling from a niche in the wall-like water falling from a cleft rock, 'River of Cloth' by Liz Hewitt had a single, sensuous line of blue stitches working its way down the white cloth and formed a fascinating companion to 'Water Stills my Soul', a slender strip of blue material with thousands of tiny white stitches making the unstitched central position into a meandering, curving stream and manifesting how the understated stitch can posses a semiotic power..."

"...Alison Harper recycles synthetic materials used for takeaway coffee containers, and also meticulously cuts crisp packets by hand putting the resultant lengths of fibre to many uses including knitting and making jewellery..."

"...'Friday Tea' celebrated this weekly ceremony in Lizzie Weir's family and consisted of a washing line of charmingly clean family linen bearing, in both hand and machine stitching such words as 'Jammy Dodgers', alluding to the cherished ritual...

"...Paying homage to the culture of Japan, Carolyn Sibbald's representation of a kimono, with sashiko stitching on indigo dyed fabric, was reconstructed but wearable garment that would look wonderful in movement...."

"...This exhibition bore exhilarating witness to the range of concerns and practices.personal philosophies and deliberations upon the processes of making of the Brunel Broderers represented..."