Thursday, 16 April 2015

RWA Drawn Exhibtion

Sometimes some bravery and risk brings truly surprising and affirming results..
Drawn is the current juried Exhibition at the RWA
The following RWA text about the Exhibition inspired me to take a deep breath and just give it a try!
Drawn, continuing to raise the profile of drawing as both an autonomous discipline and an interdisciplinary tool. As a means of communication and navigation, drawing has taken on a universality and accessibility unlike any other medium. It is a building block of creativity, key to the visualisation and translation of ideas and practices, fundamental in making, doing, testing, designing, thinking, playing and living....
Submissions have been invited from artists who either draw or explore the concept of drawing in their work, including illustrators, videographers, sculptors, printers, embroiderers, typographers, animators and architects, presenting a multidisciplinary approach to this resurging medium.
I entered a triptych of drawings first shown at Musgrove Hospital as part of the BB Exhibition 'Mending My Ways' - about healing hands - and hand washing in hospitals.
Thank you to all the BB's whose encouragement and support gives such confidence and affirmation...
Huge congratulations to Julie Heaton - a new BB whose work is also on show and Julie has blogged about it here
The wonderful Drawing On is a real delight and inspiration - do go if you can - on till June 7th!