Monday, 3 July 2017

weekend workshop

We've just had a lovely weekend workshop run by Steph in Liz's studio overlooking a colourful garden. It was quite challenging as on the Saturday morning we had to collaborate in pairs, without speaking at all, and create a piece relating to the head and movement, that both people could wear! There were some very funny moments! I started by thinking about the moving parts on a head and looked at ways to create opening paper eyes, a wrinkling nose and an opening mouth out of one of the papers Steph had brought.

On the Sunday Linda was ill so we couldn't work in pairs any more. Instead individually we responded to what had been made by others on the previous day. The different sorts of hats appealed to me so I made some samples using fabrics that Carolyn had brought - a pleated silk ruffle to trim a hat, an overlaying of dyed scrim on another fabric to reference straw hats and plaited cotton that was wound & stitched round and round as some straw hats are. Ideas being taken from an NT book on hats & bonnets from the Snowshill collection.

more images of the workshop from Linda