Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Moving On

 'Bloom' has been put away until it is shown again next year in Ilminster  [details given nearer the time]. So now to move on with ideas for a new collection of pieces with the word 'Inhabit' in mind.
After a busy year making large scale work including a commission for St. James Church Chipping Campden Liz is trying to refocus, still with the images of Gothic churches in her head. Too early to come up with any plans the way forward seems to be to simply stitch, and enjoy the process, but on a small scale.

Thinking of the colours of medieval stained glass seen in the rich tracery of church windows simple blocks of colours are used with the addition of machined lines carve the shapes in the surface.
One thought leads to another and the reading of a magazine article suggests the use of a rather neglected Embellisher to indent colour in and through the surface.

Lets see where this might lead!

Liz Harding

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