Sunday, 24 November 2019

Prehistoric rock art

I'm using the opportunity of a mixed media sketchbook class at theyard:ARTspace in Cheltenham with Sue Brown to play with ideas for a future BBs exhibition on the theme of Inhabit.

Here, I’ve been looking at prehistoric British rock art and exploring the marks, possibly symbolic, to be found. 

The plan is to develop some of these into stitched samples & see where that leads.

Corrine Renow-Clarke


  1. Hello Corinne,

    I would be interested in knowing where the actual petroglyph of the rayed sun symbol that you drew with a black inner circle is to be found. It is almost certainly a prehistoric depiction of a total solar eclipse. If I knew the location and approximate date for the petroglyph I might be able to identify one or more total solar eclipses that probably inspired it.

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    1. Thank you for your interest. I've referred your comment to the artist in case she feels able to reply.

    2. Hi Robin. Thank you for your message. I think that the image I used as a reference was taken from ‘Ancient Rock Carvings’ by Chris Mansell. See page 26. It is a drawing of a rock carving at Rowtor Rocks, Derbyshire. The author suggests that it might depict a rayed sun or an organic form. As I was making stencils and linocuts to print from for my work I simplified the image & did not use the internal pattern, instead I just left it as a solid area as many of the cup & ring carvings depict. On page 43 of the same book there is a drawing of an array of star shapes, most of which have a solid black centre. Maybe this was an alignment of stars &/or planets?