Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Towards Inhabit

The next exhibition of new work by Brunel Broderers is in the spring of 2021 at The Lansdown Gallery in Stroud, Gloucestershire, under the title Inhabit. 

This has set me off on an exploration of modern high rise buildings with their towering height, their reflections and their sense of eternal activity - and the dramatic change their sudden presence makes in the urban landscape.

Right now, I'm looking in detail at a building I photographed in Sydney, Australia, on a visit a few years ago. At the time I saw it, I was fascinated by its construction, its colours and the vertical shapes within it. A closer look has revealed much more. I have explored the image via cutting and enlarging to focus on areas of interest, and then drawing and stitching shapes and marks that catch my eye. These photos give a small sample of this early work.

This is just the beginning of exploration. Like so many beginnings, the images above may lead forward into work or may lead nowhere at all. Only time will tell. 

Margaret Robbie


  1. Love the photos and the ideas. It seems I can comment!!

    1. You can indeed! - and thank you for noticing and being our first commenter. I fed a slightly differently worded query into the Blogger Community website this morning and the solution was provided ... and persistence rewarded! Hoorray!