Friday, 28 February 2020

How to inhabit an idea?

It's Friday, it's wet again and my hip hurts. So how do you try to get some ideas developing?
For me, at the moment, it's darning and patching. Initially inspired by two books 'Darning, Repair, Make, Mend' by Hikaru Noguchi and 'Mend and Patch' by Kerstin Neumuller I have gathered together a basket of beautiful crewel wool and begun to stitch.
There is a profound pleasure in the simple act of hand stitch but for me the excitement of developing colour combinations, of harmonies and discords is paramount.

Seeking for ideas with a needle and thread, joining, amalgamating, mending are words in my head. I am thinking of colour and stitch that might inhabit a cloth surface.

So, for the moment I shall obsessively stitch, observe and enjoy!

Liz Harding

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  1. These are lovely, Liz - layering of stitch and unusual colour mixes - so much to enjoy!