Monday, 5 July 2010


I loved the drawings Kay did when she was away in Cornwall - see post  for 14th June 2010 (click on 'older posts'  at the bottom of the page on the right and it is on our previous page.
We had a conversation about how they inspired me to do more drawing from nature.
I saw some vibrant hydrangeas last week in the outdoor garden at the V and A. 
The colours ranged from dusty pinks to blueberry violets and china blues often all in the same flower head! The ones in the garden here are just emerging. My favourite time is actually when they have turned into delicate skeletal forms and a papery parchment colour.
 I decided though to inspire myself with strong colour and to make a print block. This is the first run to test the block. I love the process of printing - in this case peeling off the block to reveal the vibrant colours I chose in the end ... Susi