Sunday, 27 January 2013

a particular kind of tailoring...

Whilst thinking about work for our 'Suited' Exhibition, I have made some links in my mind.
I hope they make sense in sharing them here!
Tailoring requires considerable skill, craft, attention to detail, practise, experience...
It is about a careful honouring of the person the clothing is for. To 'make the best' that is possible with cloth, fit, detail.
For the Exhibition, I am working on buttonhole stitch (cherry red buttonhole twist as in the Tailor of Gloucester, but that progress is for another post!)
 Buttonhole in another context. This one is about mending - about continuing to care for clothing that has lead a full life - about trying to nurture - to catch tears and bring colour and beauty and new life.
The buttonhole stitch here stops an unravelling, makes a feature of wear and tear!
It also honours (I hope) the skill of makers of mass produced clothing by not wasting it, by rejuvenating and extending it's life. I am bringing a different craft and skill and, in so doing, am also 'customising' - making something relevant and personal to an individual, adding detail in a light way -  'making the best' and bringing some creative attention to everyday denim...
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