Monday, 2 March 2020

The sketchbook archive

I have always kept detailed sketchbooks of thoughts, information and ideas which I constantly refer to. They sometimes take some years to fill as I add to them when it's relevant to do so. At the moment I am using one begun in 2003 with "Darn".

Not used again until 2016 when I did a lot of chain stitch. 

In 2017 it refers to the "Unchained" series I made for an exhibition in Bath.
Now in 2020 I can add to it, try to inhabit it again..

Information is gathered from a number of sources. Looking at it last week I found this quotation by the American artist Kiki Smith which seems useful to think about at the moment. 
"I'm always taken care of by my work. You let go of your own idea and let the work go where it needs to go and that's sometimes very uncomfortable. One learns to linger in its discontent and not be judgemental, but to have faith."

Liz Harding

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  1. A lovely quote, Liz, that just describes the discomfort of beginning new work and not knowing at all where it will all lead - if anywhere. For me, it describes the first few pages done in any sketchbook on any topic - and certainly the current one!