Sunday, 22 March 2020

and working from them

For years I have kept sketchbooks as a resource with written information and thoughts as well as drawing, painting and collected cuttings and images. They range from A5 to A3 in size.They are not tidy or composed in any way.  I often return to older books where the pages are not filled and add to them.Over the past few weeks I have been working from the smallest ones. The sketchbooks I carry in my pocket while out walking. They are of everyday sights where I live with references to weather,.things noticed or my mood. Some of them are ten or more years old but still absolutely relevant to me

Having got out my basket of crewel wool I have been working on a small scale, referencing darning but looking at my drawings made locally.

I know exactly where each of these places is and put myself in that place in my imagination..
I have now added some other threads to the crewel wool to create variation of texture and give a sense of distance.

They are not being done with any purpose in mind other than enjoying the process. Each is about six inches square, just the size to fit into an embroidery ring

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