Monday, 20 April 2020

Family History

I’m finding myself fascinated by the research of my family history.

The farm of my childhood in the Mendips in Western England

On my father’s side, the Vinings, there are some chains going back to the 1500’s, but I have only names and dates. I would love to know what these people did with their lives but from the little I have done there are hours, days and years of research here.

My mother’s side, the Candys, is proving much more difficult. My grandparents both had the name Candy, as it appears did their parents. Trying to indentify who is who, when May seems at times to be Maud and of course the families were very large, is difficult.

I have decided to keep my ‘Inhabit’ project related to the farm where I grew up and to the members of the family who lived there as this is where the smock mentioned here came from.

One ancestor, who therefore is not related to this project is Elizabeth Vining, my father’s great great grandmother. It was noted in the census of 1871 that she was a farmer of 20 acres and in the 1881 census the family lived at 2 Vining’s Lane.

Maybe this will find its way into a future project.

Carolyn Sibbald

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