Sunday, 5 April 2020


I found this card in my stash the other day when I was searching for intriguing images by other artists to include in my current sketchbook. As I'm not sure where I bought it and am not organised enough to anotate my cards when I buy them, it doesn't carry memories for me like some of my cards do, but it did fascinate.

It is called The Quilt, which seemed appropriate, and is an original wood engraving by Fiona Hope.

It has a decidedly textile feel to it and I was attracted by the range of marks and set about recreating them with a black Uniball Signo roller ballpen on white paper (thereby inverting the image). I dotted, cross hatched and created thick and thin vertical and diagonal lines and arcs within a hand-drawn grid.

It was an excellent, if idle, occupation for a rather chilly afternoon in Coronavirus lockdown.

Margaret Robbie


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    1. No, you're right - but definitely unfocused, and maybe all the better for it!