Wednesday, 8 April 2020

More marks

Inspired by Margaret's post I went back to a mark making sketchbook from 2015. It includes drawings and stitch samples as well as notes from my reading.

pencil marks on paper and stitched marks on tracing paper

In' Machine Stitch Perspectives' by Alice Kettle and Jane McKeating Nigel Hurlstone writes about a statement of the philosopher Maurice Merlau-Ponty who points to drawing as a process that slows down and expands the act of seeing.. Hurlstone says: "Far from drawing being the supposedly 'spontaneous' act  and embroidery being the time consuming mediated process, both perhaps echo Merlau-Ponty's phrase 'the labour of vision'"
Elsewhere I have images of the artist Cy Twombly

Cy Twombly from a dry print on cardboard 1954

In notes about Twombly I have written::
 from - scratchy loquaciousness
to - whispering delicacy 
Always the gathered notes and images are a source for thought and a constant source  of inspiration. Time perhaps for more drawing and freer stitching!

machined lines on gessoed organdie with Biro markings.  

Liz Harding

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  1. Stitch marks on tracing paper - must try that - one to be added to my list of new techniques for lockdown. It’s good to have a list!