Friday, 2 October 2020

Carla's Bloom

As always, we have interpreted the theme for our exhibition at the Arts Centre at the Meeting House in Ilminster in our own individual ways. 

Carla frequently explores the effects of man on the natural world in her work. Her pieces this time are no exception. She considers the effects of pollution, taking the word bloom as it applies to the minute creatures that live in water and which produce 'blooms' when growth accelerates suddenly. 

In particular, she machine stitched the outlines of dozens of tiny plankton that live in their billions in our seas and oceans using gold and silver thread on disolvable fabric to produce a beautiful series of pieces. 

She comments also on the effects of the plastics that we throw away and which inevitably end up in water courses around the globe causing incalculable damage to the environment. 

Carla Mines

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