Saturday, 10 October 2020

Small stitched gems

Carolyn is showing a variety of work in our exhibition entitled Bloom, in Ilminster from next week. It is always delicate, precise and, mostly, small in scale. This is just a taster of her many pieces. 

There is a series of tiny hand embroidered houses, barely three inches tall, each with its own garden. 

Then there are groups of small books, often displayed as collections on a backing. Some are bound in paper with intricately-worked spines and others are leather bound.  

By contrast, there is a sculptural book more than two feet long which can be twisted over on itself, snake-like. It has a multitude of pages, and a cynotype cover in bright blue. 

Details of the exhibition can be found either by clicking on the link above or refering to the poster in the side bar of this blog. Clicking on the poster image will also open up a link to the website giving futher information. 

Carolyn Sibbald

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