Friday, 19 March 2021

High rise images

I've been working further on an image posted last year at the very beginning of explorations for Inhabit, the Brunel Broderers' exhibition in Stroud later this year. During a visit to Sydney, Australia, a few years ago, I saw and photographed this striking high rise building just behind Darling Harbour as I passed by on the top deck of a bus.

Despite a relatively fleeting impression, this image has remained with me and is providing endless hours of visual challenge as I investigate the structure, reflections and colour within. Some recent manipulations are shown here. 

When I work in this way, changing colour, selecting, cutting and pasting, and then overlaying small sections of the original to make a new whole, it always surprises me just how far removed from the original image I become as I try to represent a story. It is what fascinates me in the process. 

These images are no exception - but I doubt they will be the final end point.

Margaret Robbie


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